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Captain Malcolm Reynolds here, but I reckon you can just call me Mal. Just another wandering soul in the 'verse here to offer up some much needed criticism. I ain't much for technology, so be sure to check out what I do, and what I don't.

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Danny Pudi GIF Hunt


611 gifs of Danny Pudi, mostly from Community. None of these gifs belong to us and they are intended for roleplay purposes only. Please like or reblog if using and please don’t repost in photosets.


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7 Helpful HTML Entities for Tumblr (using HTML mode):
  makes a non-breaking space to keep words together.
• creates a bullet like this: •
— yields an em dash for an aside or break in thought: —
→ adds a right arrow to call out action links: →
♥ reveals a ♥ in your text, descriptions and captions.
∞ flags a permalink with an infinity symbol: ∞
’ helps with a leading apostrophe: ’13 (for 2013)


7 Helpful HTML Entities for Tumblr (using HTML mode):

  •   makes a non-breaking space to keep words together.
  • • creates a bullet like this: •
  • — yields an em dash for an aside or break in thought: —
  • → adds a right arrow to call out action links: →
  • ♥ reveals a ♥ in your text, descriptions and captions.
  • ∞ flags a permalink with an infinity symbol: ∞
  • ’ helps with a leading apostrophe: ’13 (for 2013)
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You know guys, there is a good way and a bad way to correct someone in their inbox. I’m not perfect nor do I ever claim to be. I make mistakes, and it’s cool if you call me out on those mistakes. In fact, I encourage you to tell me if I’ve messed up somewhere. But if you can’t afford niceties with me when I’ve spent over twenty hours to make something happen that does not give me money or help me in any way (i.e. something made for the community) then you can kindly fuck off. 

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Here are about 50 small/medium gifs of the gorgeous KIERSEY CLEMONS. None were made by me unless specified, I just fixed up the ones I found. For the ones I did make, don’t pass them of as yours. I worked hard to make them all and as I made a good part of this, don’t just copy and paste onto your gif hunt. Please like or reblog if this was of use to you. Use her because she is adorable.


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These are just a few of Sirius-sdz's amazing textures. Visit his gallery for the downloads, and hundreds of more great textures!

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why your roleplay should have an application;

For admins who run biography roleplays with applications, a clear red flag that warns you not to accept someone should be their reluctance to fill out an application. Because let me tell you, if I found a roleplay that I truly loved and wanted to be a dedicated member in, I’d happily fill out the longest application in the history of roleplay and more if that’s what it takes to be considered as a potential member.

The point of this post? To point out that if you want to create a long lasting roleplay, and by long lasting I mean with the same people playing the same characters (because you can’t have long-term plotlines when the characters are reopened again and again and you need to develop plans with the new player), then the most important step is to have an application. By having something to fill in, it already lessens and/or eradicates the possibility of you attracting players who only stay for a day. And please, I beg of you, never do character giveaways just because you want a slot filled.

Conclusion — never sacrifice the quality of your group just to fill up all remaining open characters.

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300+ HQ-ISH SMALL TO MEDIUM GIFS OF EMILY BROWNING. None of them are ours or made by us. They have all been optomized to work on Tumblr. If you've found this helpful, please like/reblog.


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the shortcut i use to brighten pictures of brown and black models without washing out their skintone and/or to reverse the whitewashing that most psds do (and a lot of magazines routinely do to people of color) is to:

click on the preset inverted b&w gradient that looks like this:


and set it to soft light and change the opacity to the 50-75% range. 

that’s the difference between (psd without method above)


and this (psd with method above)


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Nonbinary/Androgynous FC Masterlist


Masterlist of nonbinary & androgynous (cisgender) faces.

Because of the recent statement by Andreja Pejic that she identifies as a woman, I’ve bolded the faces on this list whom I would recommend as an alternative for a nonbinary or androgynous male character, in the event you’re looking to make a switch.

Please message me with any suggestions. Hopefully I have not misgendered anyone, but if you have more information, please please please let me know, thanks!

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You Should Strongly Consider Making Your Non-Human Characters Not Conform to the Gender Binary


Disclaimer: Honestly, I’m not one-hundred-percent sure on the exact terminology here, since I’m pretty sure a character who has no reason to take an interest in the gender binary of human civilization would not describe themselves as non-binary, so I’m just going to use the language “not conform to the gender binary.” Hopefully no one finds this offensive, and if anyone with more knowledge than me on this issue has some input, I’d love to hear it!

So, you’re playing a: fairy, alien from Mars, reptile being who lives in tunnels under human civilization, demon*, god, or any other fantastical or supernatural creature that did not start out as a human.

Why the heck do they identify by the human definitions of male/female? (And let me take a break to say, there isn’t an excuse for not having gender-diverse supernatural characters who started out as human, either, but that’s not what this rant is about.)

Unless this being was for some reason raised in a toxically cisnormative Western civilization, they should not be identifying their gender in ways that mirror Western civilization, if the beings in question have a concept of gender identity at all. Gender is a human invention, the accepted genders in any society are used as a way to categorize people because we like to compartmentalize people as being something, not being something else, in order to make comprehending the vastness of another person’s individual being easier. (This is not necessarily a bad thing so long as we don’t project an identity someone does not identify with onto them.)

The gender binary in particular is so fragile that not all human civilizations conform to it. There have been recent-ish points in history where even Western civilization didn’t conform to the gender binary. Having non-human creatures conform to it just seems sort of asinine, and is effectively cisnormative, not to mention taking a world that evidently has non-human beings and treating “human” as default.

So, for non-human civilizations, seriously consider:

-giving the society its own gender classifications that are thoroughly divorced from the gender binary (there can be several accepted genders, gender identities have completely different cues that make sense in their society, etc.)

-making up different ways the society compartmentalizes its beings, gender identity isn’t one of them, and when these beings encounter humans or other gendered species, they find the concept of gender to be strange/abnormal, and possibly even difficult to grasp. They would likely interact with the gendered beings without acknowledging gender cues or biases, unless they were specifically trying to take advantage of gender cues or biases to manipulate the being they were interacting with.

(*FYI, Judeo-Christian-Islamic demons and angels were created before God created man or woman (or any humans at all), so really, if you want to be true to their origins, shouldn’t conform to the gender binary, since demons and angels existed before the concept of biological sex, let alone gender.)

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