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Captain Malcolm Reynolds here, but I reckon you can just call me Mal. Just another wandering soul in the 'verse here to offer up some much needed criticism. I ain't much for technology, so be sure to check out what I do, and what I don't.

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I will be out of town from tomorrow, the 23rd until the 29th and don’t queue on this blog.

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and because I ran out of room: 

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Transgender supermodel Lea T is currently one of the fashion world’s favorite models. She was discovered by Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci when he hired her as his personal assistant, but soon after she became his muse and her modeling career began. Since then, Lea has appeared in editorials in Vogue Paris, Hercules Magazine, Interview Magazine, Cover Magazine, Love Magazine, and has walked countless fashion shows. This Brazilian beauty is also involved in transgender advocacy and is an icon in the LGBTQQIA Community. [x]

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America Ferrera Gif Hunt.


Here is roughly 100 America Ferrera gifs for roleplaying purposes. None of these gifs are mine, credit goes to their respective owners. If you would like any taken down, all you have to do is message me. Please like/reblog if using. 


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A weird thing I find incredibly helpful for art/writing.

deadcantdraw: is a website that sells blueprints for houses. 

This might not seem that helpful but if you want a characters house you can make selections based on what sort of house you want them to live in. 


Then browse through the results and find the house you want. Then you can view the blueprints and have a room layout for that house, which can help with visualising the space they live in. 


It makes describing generic homes so much easier.

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Kang Seung Yoon Gif Hunt


Under the cut are approximately 90 gifs of the Korean singer Kang Seung Yoon (강승윤), best known for his appearances on Superstar K2 and as the leader of WINNER. All credit goes to the original gif makers; please message me if you see your gifs and want recognition/removal.

Like or reblog if this helped you.


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FC masterpages → may lag/take time to load depending on computer.

Message us if you know one that's not on the list.
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Hayley Kiyoko GIF Hunt


Under the cut are ### small and medium GIFs of Hayley Kiyoko. None of these GIFs belong to me, merely a collection gathered for the use to aid role players and alike. If you find that your GIF has ended up here by mistake please send in a submit message along with the links of your GIFs. Please like or reblog if this has helped in any way!


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against me! is such an important band

I actually found out about Against Me! from one of my really good friends. He’s a great guy but not very politically conscious and uses way too many slurs. Pretty much a typical 30-something guy who was raised in a closed, conservative household and got the hell out, works in a warehouse, plays bass and doesn’t give a fuck what people think about him.

But he was telling me about Against Me! and how he’s been a huge fan since they started up (Gainesville is like 1.5 hrs from where we live) and how much he respects Laura and that’s just the human connection you know? The exposure is so important and such a large majority of Laura’s fan support her, and most of them are people who haven’t really been exposed to transgender issues and people and that’s just amazing. Music is amazing and important.

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holy shit she is hot

She is a very pretty lady and her voice is gorgeous and when she decided to transition her band was like “cool let’s make an entire album dedicated to your transition and dysphoria” and then they did, and that’s just one of the raddest things.

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